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Sakura Matsuri 2021 – Year in Bloom

Every spring, JASWDC holds the Sakura Matsuri – Japanese Street Festival, bringing over 30,000 people to Pennsylvania Ave, at the foot of the National Capitol building, for a celebration of Japanese culture. The Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival is a significant part of the fabric of U.S.-Japan people-to-people relations, and it serves as an valuable symbol of Japan’s importance in the United States.

Due to the global pandemic, JASWDC has delayed the 60th anniversary of the Sakura Matsuri until April 9th, 2022. However, in its place JASWDC will extend Sakura Matsuri-themed programs throughout the year. The Sakura Matsuri 2021 – Year in Bloom brings you pandemic-friendly opportunities to safely celebrate Japanese culture and get excited for the in-person return of the Sakura Matsuri 60th Anniversary in 2022.

Beyond Tokyo
The Beyond Tokyo Virtual Programming Series will explore Japan’s rich regional diversity through JASWDC’s cooking classes, language and culture programming, sake tastings, and seminars.
Sakura Samurai Movie Series
JASWDC will present a Japanese samurai movie experience at the National Arboretum, pairing samurai movies with Japanese cuisine from local restaurants.