Beyond Tokyo

Venture beyond Tokyo's sprawling metropolis and discover a country rich with natural beauty, culture, and ancient traditions.
Each month, Japan-America Society of Washington DC will take you on a journey to the different regions of Japan through cooking classes, language and culture programming, sake tastings, and seminars.
Hidden Kyoto – Konchi-in, Zen Garden Virtual Tour
Welcome to Hidden Kyoto – Konchi-in, Zen Garden Virtual Tour, the next installation of our Beyond Tokyo series! As a part of this month’s celebration of the Kansai region, JASWDC is collaborating with An Design and DC Sake cō to bring an exclusive temple tour to your home with specially selected sake.
Japanese Cooking Class - Kitsune Udon
Join us for kitsune udon! This classic udon dish is found throughout Japan but has its roots in Osaka. A perfect dish to enjoy any time of year, this hearty dish is particularly good as the weather starts to get cold. Instructions will also be provided on how you can make your own udon noodles from scratch!

Upcoming Events

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