Get up close and personal with Japanese tech and products in 2024 at the Japan Smart Infrastructure Pavilion.

As America seeks to redefine its infrastructure, Japan Smart Infrastructure Pavilion showcases Japan’s technologies and services that will define the next generation of smart, clean, efficient, American infrastructure. From Maglev and next gen. metro cars to smart cities to 5G and 5K, Japan’s contributions to American infrastructure will impact American lives in the National Capital Region and beyond.

2023 Exhibitors

(JAXA) Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Learn more about space technologies with JAXA! JAXA functions as the space agency of Japan to implement a range of activities covering basic research, development, and utilization.


(JST) Japan Science and Technology Agency

Introducing PARO Robot and the ostrich antibody mask.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group will promote Net Zero emissions with Energy Transition in energy supply and Smart Infrastructure in energy use.


(NICT) National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Japan’s sole national research institute specializing in ICT, NICT showcases cutting-edge modalities of smart infrastructure, including a voice-activated machine translator and technologies for building resilience to cyberattacks and space weather events.


(NEDO) New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

NEDO will present Japan’s cutting-edge technologies for decarbonization and industrial competitiveness.


Northeast Maglev

Imagine traveling from Washington, D.C. to New York City in 1 hour at 311mph. Learn about the Superconducting Maglev and bringing the world’s fastest train to the United States.


Toto Toilets

Experience comfort and enrichment in your daily life by checking out Washlet at our booth!