Get up close and personal with Japanese tech and products in 2023 at the Japan Smart Infrastructure Pavilion.

As America seeks to redefine its infrastructure, Japan Smart Infrastructure Pavilion showcases Japan’s technologies and services that will define the next generation of smart, clean, efficient, American infrastructure. From Maglev and next gen. metro cars to smart cities to 5G and 5K, Japan’s contributions to American infrastructure will impact American lives in the National Capital Region and beyond.

2022 Exhibitors

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA):

We will present Japan’s space technology and programs with exhibition of ISS model, small rocket models, and videos – with free goodies also!

Northeast Maglev

Learn about the Superconducting Maglev (SCMAGLEV), the world’s fastest and most advanced train. Imagine Washington, DC to New York in one hour. Northeast Maglev, revolutionizing travel in the Northeast Corridor.

Japan Science and Technology Agency

We will showcase scientific discoveries made by JST including PARO – a medical & therapeutic robot and a facemask embedded with antibodies from ostrich eggs for advanced protection PPE


Japan’s sole national research institute specializing in ICT, NICT showcases cutting-edge modalities of smart infrastructure, including a voice-activated machine translator and technologies for building resilience to cyberattacks and space weather events.

NTT Group

We look forward to sharing our work with communications technologies that empower data to make a better world and Avatour 360 which brings coworkers, clients, and inspectors on site with 360° remote collaboration

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)

MHI will exhibit panels and videos of our products, technologies to reduce CO2 emissions such as CCS, Hydrogen Gas Turbine, toward the Carbon Neutral Society.

Shimizu America, Inc.

XXR Vision with Unity – Experience the VR technology that is utilized in our construction projects in Japan – try our VR goggles to immerse yourself into our actual infrastructure project 3D model!

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2022 Exhibiting Sponsors

JR Central

2022 Exhibitors

Japan Science & Technology Agency
Japan National Institute of Information and Communications Technology