Sakura Matsuri has four stages and over 40 performances across two days so you can experience Japan your way in 2024! Enjoy martial arts, Japanese dance, music, taiko, and so much more.

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2024 Featured Events

WISH – Season 3

Join us on Sunday for Season 3 of the WISH talent competition, live and on the J-Pop Stage at the Sakura Matsuri! Many have applied, some have passed the first round, and we’re down to the finalists! Be a part of a live audience and cheer the participants on as they compete in front of a panel of judges for the chance to win tickets to Japan and meetings with talent agencies. Think “America’s Got Talent” with a Japanese flair. Included as a part of the filming will be performances from Kikio, TAEKO and DA PUMP! Join us Sunday to experience the magic of these performances!

Tamagawa University Taiko & Dance

Thundering taiko drumming meets traditional Japanese dance as nearly thirty drummers and dancers from Tamagawa University take the stage. As one of the top-ranking taiko groups in Japan, coming out of Japan’s top performing arts university, they have been sharing the beauty of Japanese culture since 1961. Catch their mesmerizing performance at the Sakura Matsuri on Saturday, where they’ll showcase their artistry on the Sakura Stage.


🌟 Brace yourself for a show-stopping performance by Kikio at Sakura Matsuri!

Hailing from the renowned Okinawa Actor’s School and Rising Production’s “Next Generation Star Discovery: World Project,” Kikio is a force to be reckoned with. Despite her petite frame, she captivates audiences with her powerhouse vocals that pack a punch! From her native Okinawa, Kikio is ready to conquer the world stage with her dynamic and energetic performances. Don’t miss this chance to witness her undeniable talent and infectious charisma at Sakura Matsuri!


🎶 Get ready to be mesmerized by TAEKO’s sensational performance at Sakura Matsuri!

Winner of the Japan Record Award “Rookie of the Year,” TAEKO captivates audiences with her soulful melodies, wide singing range, and dynamic performances. From gracing the Apollo Stage Theatre in New York to showcasing her extraordinary dancing skills, TAEKO is set to ignite the stage with her unconventional vitality and love for music. Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of TAEKO live at Sakura Matsuri!


🎤 Get ready to groove with DA PUMP at Sakura Matsuri!


Blending J-pop, EDM, Eurodance, and hip hop, this group burst onto the scene in 1997 with their electrifying debut track, “Feelin’ Good – It’s PARADISE-.” From dominating NHK’s Koukoku Song Competition from 1998-2003 and again in 2008, to clinching multiple Japan Record Awards, including the prestigious Special Award, Special Prize, and Excellent Work Award, DA PUMP has solidified their status as legends in the Japanese music scene. Members Issa and Kimi will bring their energy and unstoppable talent to Washington DC, on Sunday, live at Sakura Matsuri!

Sakura Matsuri Sake Barrel Ceremony (Kagami Biraki)

The Japanese traditional kagami biraki ceremony celebrates an opening or new beginning by smashing open a barrel of sake.

The Matsuri’s Saturday kagami biraki celebrates the ceremonial start of the 2024 Matsuri, and features remarks by District of Columbia Deputy Mayor Nina Albert as well as appearances by additional special guests.

The Matsuri’s Sunday kagami biraki ceremony celebrates this new chapter in US Japan relations, following the past week’s historic official visit from Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida. The ceremony will feature remarks by Japan’s Ambassador Shigeo Yamada and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Robert Koepcke.

2024 Performers & Martial Artists

Aikido Shobukan Dojo



Bento Demonstration and Chopsticks Challenge #EdamameChamp

Capitol Area Jodokai

CheeRing School/Capitol Movement/YA Cheer/POM Squad

Cherry Blossom Cocktail Competition

DC Judo


Hideo – Shakuhachi

Hobyokan/NIH Kenjutsu Club

Japanese Culture Club at Geneseo

Japanese Immersion Program of Great Falls Elementary School

JBE Band

Jpop Idol Matsuri

JTR Jujutsu

KDC Mythic

Kenkonkai Dojo

Kloud 9

Kogyoku Yosakoi


Miyako Taiko + MHTX

NCSS 2024 U.S. & Japan Cherry Blossom Queens and Princesses

Nen Daiko

New York Taiko Aikokai (NYTAK)

Nihon Karate-do Itosu-Kai DC

Northern Virginia Kendokai (Capital Area Budokai – Kendo)

Okinawa Cultural Performance

Okinawa Karate and Cultural Center – Uechi Ryu

Okinawa- Shinkanucha Band

Plus Ultra Entertainment

Sakura Matsuri Fashion Show

Samurai Sword Soul

Shadow Combatives


The Japanese Embassy Band

The Okinawan Eisa Drummers of Wis & Chin Daiko of Maryland


Washington Japanese Heritage Center (Keisho Center)


Yosakoi Dance Project – 10tecomai

風者(Hoosier Yosakoi Team)

Children’s Corner Highlights

Japanese Folk Tales with Kimiyo Watanabe

Sailor Moon Dancers