Food! It’s one of the best things about Sakura Matsuri. With mouth-watering options from around the world, Sakura Matsuri has something to suit everyone’s taste.

Must Visit

Kirin Beer Gardens

Whether you choose to relax in our beer garden area with your friends and family or walk around the Matsuri, there is nothing more refreshing than a draft Kirin beer while you enjoy the festival.

Hakutsuru Sake Tasting Pavilion

Enjoy a staple of Japanese springtime celebrations as you sample 7 different sakes and learn about the sake brewing process. 

Brought to you by Hakutsuru Sake, one of Japan’s most famous and iconic sake brewers.

Matsuri Market

For snacks and drinks on the go, we have three Matsuri Markets where you can pick up water, Japanese and US refreshments, and a wide selection of Japanese snacks. There is a Matsuri Market next to each of the entrances to the Matsuri. 

* Drink responsibly! A 100% ID check will be enforced.

2023 Food Vendors

Asian Taste

Preparing chicken teriyaki, General Tso’s chicken, vegetable fried rice, vegetable yakisoba, vegetable fried flat noodles, vegetable egg roll, and deep-fried wontons. Drinks offered are lemonade, Thai tea, Thai coffee, water, and soda.

Dolci Gelati

Enjoy the cool refreshment of Asian inspired flavors of gelato & sorbetto.


Ekiben #1 & #2

‘Enjoy our two locations serving neighborhood Bird Buns, Tofu Buns and Tofu Rice bowls.


FOOD FEST – Asian Cuisine

Serving up fresh grilled chicken on a stick, authentic pad thai noodles, vegetable fried rice and lo mein. Mochi Donuts for dessert, fruit smoothies and lemonade.

Sarin Grill

Hot chicken on a stick, beef kabob, grilled squid. Vegetable fried rice, lo mein, and pad thai. Dessert: sticky rice with mango, Thai iced tea.

Karlsballs Takoyaki

Enjoy the delicious and unique offerings of KARLSBALLS Takoyaki direct from NYC! From fresh hand-massaged octopus to top-grade flour, seasonings, and dashi broth, every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the best possible taste and texture.

Kusshi #1 & #2

Enjoy festival staples such as takoyaki, gyoza, and shumai.


Matcha Cafe Maiko Tysons

Serving the following refreshing drinks and sweets: Matcha Latte – matcha mixed with milk; Matcha Cheesecake – Matcha infused cheesecake; Uji Kintoki – Shaved ice with matcha syrup, homemade adzuki beans, shiratama, and condensed milk for that very traditional taste. Also, purchase your own Matcha Powder – To bring home and make your own matcha drinks and food.


Menya Jiro

Enjoy several types of ramen from this authentic eatery out of New York.


Mystery Bento Box

Come enjoy mystery bento boxes and pick out your favorite!

Orient Bowl

Bringing Vietnamese food to your taste buds. Fresh spring rolls, ginger chicken, fried noodles, lemon chicken, dumplings, and bao bun, offered with fresh lemonade.


‘Serving Pho (Vietnamese soup),- Banh Mi (Vietnamese tacos), Japanese Curry with poached egg and egg rolls. Drinks are Thai tea and Vietnamese Coffee


Rice Culture

Serving freshly cooked taiyaki, mochi muffins and yuzu lemonade.


Rice Market

Offering sushi and other food and snacks from Japan to continue appreciating cross-cultural eating.


Saku Saku Flakerie

Enjoy variations on French bakery classics with Japanese flavors: matcha, yuzu, hojicha, kurogoma Mochi. Sando: fruit, katsu, Ichigo daifuku. Also, Cookies: chocolate chip miso and Matcha.


Sister House

Offering hot, gilled takoyaki balls (octopus & shrimp), chicken teriyaki with rice, tempura shrimp & vegetables, and Japanese Dumplings. Drinks include tea and lemonade.

Sushi Express

Local eatery bringing fresh favorites such as sushi, yakisoba, and onigiri.

Tako Grill

Authentic takoyaki, ikayaki, and yakisoba from a wonderful local Japanese restaurant.


Tatakpinoy Fil-Asian

Serving up Japanese street food favorites yakitori, okonomiyaki, yakisoba and shrimp tempura.


Enjoy hot grilled chicken with rice, grilled noodles, Japanese fries. Served alongside lemonade, tea, soda and water to drink.

TK Grill

Dine on chicken teriyaki, vegetable options: stir fry noodles, vegetable fried rice, vegetable egg rolls, and lemonade.

Tokyo Grill

Mouthwatering chicken teriyaki, vegetable fried rice, vegetable spring rolls, vegetable yakisoba. Enjoy with soda, water, or lemonade.

Tzone Dessert Bar

Come enjoy fresh bubble tea, desserts and snacks!


Virginia Vendor Food Services #1 & #2

Yakitori, Yakisoba, vegetable hibachi Fried Rice, hibachi shrimp fried rice, vegetable egg rolls. Top it all off with funnel cake or fried Oreos. Fresh squeezed lemonade and Thai Iced Tea is also available.


Yakult USA Inc.

Enjoy a sample of this delicious probiotic drink – to your health!



Offering hot and fresh vegetable lo mein, vegetable pad thai, fried rice, and spring roll. Enjoy some tempura, steamed pork bun, chicken on skewer, chicken teriyaki over rice, and crispy cashew chicken. Drinks are fresh squeezed lemonade – with strawberry and pineapple flavors, Thai Iced Tea Boba, Jasmine Tea Boba, and Thai Iced Coffee Boba.


Yummy Food Corner

Yakitori, Yaki-soba, Tamako Fried rice, Okonomiyaki, Gyoza, Harumaki, Ice Matcha Green Tea Latte.

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