Food! It’s one of the best things about Sakura Matsuri. With mouth-watering options from around the world, Sakura Matsuri has something to suit everyone's taste.



Whether you choose to relax in our beer garden area with your friends and family, or walk around the Matsuri, there is nothing more refreshing than a draft Kirin beer while you enjoy the festival.

Enjoy Japan’s best draft beer on tap!

Kirin, which traces its roots to 1870, is Japan’s best-selling beer and has been a favorite of Sakura Matsuri visitors since it became the official beer in 2007.*


Enjoy a staple of Japanese springtime celebrations as you sample and learn about 6 different sakes and a plum wine. Brought to you by Hakutsuru Sake, one of Japan’s most famous and iconic sake brewers.

Sake and Sakura: A Match Made in Hanami Heaven

Hakutsuru Sake, one of Japan’s most famous sake brewers (founded in 1743), is again sponsoring the Sakura Matsuri’s Sake Tasting Pavilion. Come in and learn all about Japanese sake as you sample six different varieties of sake from Nada, the “Napa Valley” of Japanese Sake.*

* Drink responsibly! A 100% ID check will be enforced.


For snacks and drinks on the go, we have two Matsuri Markets where you can pick up water, Japanese and US refreshments, and a wide selection of Japanese snacks.

We also have over 25 restaurants and food vendors in our Taste of Japan area. Scroll down for a preview of what's in store this year!

Matsuri Market
Come to one of our Matsuri Markets for a quick snack and a cool refreshing drink!
Kirin Beer Garden
Enjoy a nice cold Kirin beer, sake, or other refreshing drink at one of our four (4) beer gardens all around the Matsuri.
Kusshi Sushi
Come enjoy our festival favorites of takoyaki, Pork gyoza, shrimp shumai, sushi hand rolls, and Japanese snacks and sodas.
Shibuya Eatery
Serving up fresh Japanese favorites.
Yummy Food Corner & Grill
Cooking up fresh Japanese favorites such as yakitori, yakisoba, gyoza and okonomiaki.
Sushi Taro
Grilled skewered pork belly and chicken meat balls, grilled skewered octopus leg, and rice ball with shrimp tempura. Sunday only.
Hanaro Sushi
Come enjoy our festival favorites of takoyaki, Pork gyoza, shrimp shumai, sushi hand rolls, and Japanese snacks and sodas
Bringing good foods for you. Chicken Teriyaki. Japanese Milk Tea.
Tako Grill
Authentic Japanese favorites including takoyaki and ikayaki.
Sushi Express
Authentic Japanese fare of yakisoba. makunouchi bento. Mochi (rice cake). Japanese tea and soft drinks. Saturday only.
Yoshi is back! Everyone's favorite steamed buns, tempura, and chicken satay!
Yummy Food Corner & Grill
Cooking up fresh Japanese favorites such as yakitori, yakisoba, gyoza and okonomiaki.
Mforward, Inc.
We will be serving our award-winning Japanese Kagoshima Tonkotsu ramen and gyoza. Sunday only.
Asian Taste
Our foods are authentic Asian foods with fresh ingredients and special sauce.
The Chicken Smells Good
Serving up skewered chicken, rice noodle and, egg rolls. Saturday only.
Taiwanese street food inspired fare. Fluffy buns stuffed with crispy Taiwanese Fried Chicken.
Sarin Grill
Bite into our chicken teriyaki, grilled squid, fried rice and lo mein, and pad thai. Finish off with sticky rice with mango, Thai boba tea and lemonade.
TK Grill
Grilled chicken on stick served with vegetable noodle stir fry and fried rice. Saturday only.
Asian Grille
Freshly grilled chicken teriyaki, vegetable fried rice, vegetable yakisoba and Spring Rolls
Orient Bowl
Enjoy this simple staple of Vietnamese food consisting of a salty broth, fresh rice noodle, a sprinkling of herbs and chicken.
Kindi Thai Crispy Crepe
Made-to-order Thai crepes with combination toppings you can choose.
Virginia Vendor Food Services
Enjoy our selection of American classics including burgers, cheesesteaks, chicken tenders, fries and mac and cheese.
Taco Dirty to Me
Taco Dirty To Me is a woman-owned DC based pop-up. Come check out these Asian inspired tacos along with the sense of humor that comes with every meal!
Matcha Cafe Maiko
Tasty matcha treats from Japan! Baked goods, ice cream, lattes…yum!
Dolci Gelati
Locally made gelato inspired by Japan: matcha, sakura and vanilla-ginger gelato, Asian pear and yuzu sorbet.
SakuSaku Flakery
Japanese-French fusion pastries as found in bakeries across Japan - Sakura an-pan, matcha white chocolate cookies, shokupan, Ichigo milk and many more!
Rice Culture
Warm chewy taiyaki - Japanese waffles - with a variety of sweet and savory fillings.
Jarabe Gourmet Pops
Handcrafted popsicles inspired by Japan and all made with fresh and natural ingredients.
Misaky Tokyo
Traditional & innovative Japanese sweets that will bring joy, comfort, and inclusivity to the world.
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Delicious ice cream and beverages.
ROYCE' Chocolate
ROYCE' Chocolate is a premium confections brand from Hokkaido, Japan best known for selections like Nama Chocolates and Potatochip Chocolates, among other delicious treats.
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