Travel beyond the bright lights of Tokyo and learn more about Japan’s different prefectures at the 2023 Regions of Japan Pavilion.

The Beyond Tokyo: Regions of Japan Pavilion will showcase Japan’s celebrated regional diversity and specialization, featuring the cultures, landscapes, and products awaiting those who venture beyond the streets of Tokyo. The Pavilion will also introduce you to people that will get you there!

2022 Exhibitors


Experience Okinawa – once an independent kingdom and a unique side of Japan. Come enjoy food tasting and hands-on activities. Cultural performances are also scheduled.

American Airlines

American Airlines, along with our partner Japan Airlines, is bridging the Pacific and can take you to where you want to go in Japan.

Fukushima Kenjinkai

Come explore the arts and crafts of Fukushima Prefecture.

Kumamoto City

Kumamoto is located in the southwest part of Japan – come see us to learn more about it as the more you will love it!

CLAIR NY(Japan Local Government Center)

Visit our booth to learn more about the varied and unique parts of Japan. Come and say hi, and find the best destinations for your next trip to Japan.

Town of Sakai

Sakai Town is a garden city with abundant water and greenery on the banks of the Tone River, located in Ibaraki Prefecture close to Tokyo. Visit our booth to learn more about the natural beauty of Sakai Town.

Hiroshima City

Hiroshima is located in Chugoku district and is a beautiful city blessed with a rich natural environment, nestled between lush green mountains and the tranquil Seto Inland Sea.

JR Central

Come learn about the best way to get around Japan quickly – on the shinkansen and our other train lines!