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Culinary Arts Stage

Let’s get cooking! The Culinary Arts Stage returns to the Festival in 2022, showcasing Japanese cuisine with local and international chefs.

The Culinary Arts Stage taps the extraordinary talent and expertise of the National Capital Region’s Japanese food industry to bring the energy, excitement, and secrets of Japanese cuisine to the Sakura Matsuri stage.

The Culinary Arts Stage introduces Japanese cooking and food products through demonstrations, talks and tasting. It brings to Sakura Matsuri the arts of the sushi bar, but also pushes deeper into the Japanese kitchen to explore the flavors, techniques, and dishes that define Japanese cuisine.

The Culinary Arts Stage teaches how to bring authentic Japanese cuisine into the American home by embracing concepts and philosophy that can transform our locally available ingredients into authentic Japanese dishes, sauces, stocks, dressings, and relishes. But the Culinary Arts Stage will also showcase the many Japanese food/beverage products that are imported to our region, teaching the non-Japanese chef where to find the products and how to use them.