Let’s get cooking! Culinary Arts returns to the Festival in 2024, showcasing Japanese cuisine with local and international chefs.

In 2023, we welcomed House of Suntory at the Taste of Japan – Presented by Suntory Roku Gin food service area.  Suntory made its debut at the festival with the Roku Gin Hanami Experience.   In addition, Dassai joined us to introduce its sake to DC.   

Mainstays of the Sakura Matsuri will be back in 2024, including the Kirin Beer Gardens and the Hakutsuru Sake Tasting Pavilion. 

If you don’t feel like waiting in line for food at the Taste of Japan, the Matsuri will have a revamped assortment of Japanese snacks at the Matsuri Markets, including Itoen iced green tea and Pocky.

The Sakura Stage will double as a culinary arts stage, featuring demonstrations by local and international chefs, and organizations.

2023 Exhibitors


Enjoy traditional Japanese foods with a modern take, produced by Abokichi, including: the award-wining OKAZU,(Japanese chili oil/Taberu rayu made with miso ) , Instant miso soup(Kasu jiru) and ABO Ramen (dry version).



Dassai is a Japanese sake brand striving to craft the highest quality of sake for our customers. We welcome you to come enjoy a glass of Dassai at our booth.


Gohan Market

Satisfy your craving for Japanese staples! Visit Gohan Market for everything pre-packaged: confectionery, instant foods, drinks, instant noodles.


High Road Spirits

Mars Japanse Whisky Tasting & Cocktails.


House of Suntory Roku Hanami Experience

Looking for something familiar yet uniquely different? Look no further than Roku gin from the House of Suntory, the founding house of Japanese spirits and a beacon of craftsmanship.



iichiko is Japan’s original craft spirit. A White spirit that’s incredibly rich in flavor, yet smooth and easy to drink. Plase come try it!


Sake Brewers Association of North America

The Sake Brewers Association of North America will be pouring samples of craft sakes brewed across the country. Come learn about the Sake Revolution!


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