The vendors in our Ginza Marketplace section of the festival offer a wide and stunning variety of Japanese home goods, accessories, and artwork, either directly from Japan or inspired by the gift of the cherry blossoms.

2020 List of Ginza Vendors
  • Adorned by Aisha
    Enjoy our whimsical and romantic jewelry incorporating cherry blossoms.
  • Arise Bazaar
    Arise Bazaar celebrates 30 years of selling Japanese antiques, textiles, and ceramics
  • Bird&Fish, Co.
    Bird&Fish, Co. brings art into the everyday by creating high quality, beautiful objects, inspired by the natural world.
  • Chikako Designs
    I call my pieces ‘East that sometimes meets West’. I use beautiful Asian prints keeping in mind the functionality of the pieces.
  • Gabiani Design
    Welcome to ‘Mis Zapatos’ world Unique Japanese handbags and backpacks great for big city rhythm, travel, sports and parties!
  • Greentea Design
    We are selling Authentic Japanese arts and crafts merchandise as well as cosplay items
  • Kokoro Care Packages
    Kokoro Care Packages delivers premium-quality, all-natural Japanese food made by local farmers and producers and delivers them straight to your door.
  • Japanwave
    Shop our several booths for imported Japanese merchandise including kigurumi, kokeshi dolls, stationery sets, and household items.
  • Japanasia
    We carry traditional Japanese gifts and clothing.
  • Japanese Dolls and Crafts School
    Japanese dolls and handmade art crafts, teaching, display, and sales by GOGO MASTER Professor AKIKO KEENE’s students and teachers.
  • Kilaarts
    Original paintings and prints by Artist Kimberly Leahey from Kilaarts. The Japanese Art is inspired from the 1920’s era,Yokai, and Shintoism beliefs.
  • National Cherry Blossom Festival 
    Come browse our three locations for a wide selection of Official National Cherry Blossom Festival merchandise
  • Sotaam (Olive & Daisy)
    Vintage looking handmade jewelry such as brooch, bracelet, necklace, earrings and hair accessories
  • *Paper*Crane*Heart*
    Paper jewelry, handmade in NYC from Japanese chiyogami paper and wood. The paper is hand-silkscreened in Japan.
  • Reiko’s Kimono Crafts
    Traditional Japanese hair accessories and crafts which were made from authentic Japanese antique/vintage silk kimono. All original and handcrafted.
  • ROYCE’ Chocolate
    ROYCE’ Chocolate is a premium confections brand hailing from Hokkaido, Japan. It is famous for its melt-in-your-mouth Nama Chocolates and unique selections such as Potatochip Chocolates and Matcha-based confections, among others.
  • Ya’s For Y’all
    Handmade Japanese traditional art Tsumamizaiku jewelry using antique/vintage kimono fabric and pure silver.